Home Health Web-Quick bath too long to cause cancer

Home Health Web-Quick bath too long to cause cancer

Home Health Web-Quick bath too long to cause cancer

Quick bath too long to cause cancer

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Do not wash the bath can be long and may therefore increase the chance of exposure to chloroform, and 12 per million people have cancer!Life not only in the eating of various pollutants on people''s health, but also fatal. Formaldehyde, diesel exhaust and other hard to escape life in the seven pollutants, into the bulk of 19 kinds of possible carcinogens.Excessive smoking and stay up all night cause cancer, it may sound ordinary, but you may not think, even the bath too long and are likely to have on the cancer!Recently, the Taiwan National University of Kaohsiung to invite the United States, Canada and other countries and scholars to explore new forms of pollution and decontamination technology, scholars have named the chloroform tap water is the new form of eco-killer, but also harm the human body. Professor, University of California, Los Angeles Mel pointed out that the tap water by adding chlorine, is a good disinfectant, with the chloroform produced is carcinogenic.He reminded, in a confined space in the bath longer, through the inhalation of chloroform in breathing and skin capacity more, there will be 12 per million people have cancer!In addition, pollution can be considered as chemicals of life, including some people are more familiar, such as formaldehyde, its use is very extensive, such as the plastics industry, pharmaceutical industry. 35-40% formaldehyde solution called formalin, a preservative, disinfectant and bleaching effect. The study shows that the funeral industry practitioners may be more susceptible to leukemia and other cancers.Home life, decoration materials and new combinations of furniture is also a major source of pollution caused by formaldehyde. Used for interior decoration of the plywood, block board, medium density fiberboard and particleboard contain formaldehyde and other man-made sheet. Aquatic products and shampoos and shower gels also may contain formaldehyde.Last year, the U.S. Campaign for Safe Cosmetics organization CSC said in a report, a variety of Johnson & Johnson baby bath products contain formaldehyde and the "dioxane." June this year, 19 batches of Sichuan children''s clothing was found to contain formaldehyde composition.

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